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Prescription Drug Abuse Rehab and Treatment Clinic

About Clinic

Prescription Drug Abuse Rehab and Treatment Clinic is a non-profit organization in Tempe, Arizona dedicated to helping people with substance abuse disorder to recover from addiction. Our clinic offers a variety of in-patient and outpatient treatment programs that can be tailored to your needs and schedule. We emphasize the importance of an aftercare plan and are happy to organize counseling, career and family coaching, and sponsorship for after treatment. Our goal is not only to rehabilitate but to also establish a lifestyle with the best chance of maintaining sobriety once patients leave our facility. We continue to care for our patients far beyond their stay or treatment with us and offer many services to make your transition after therapy as successful and comfortable as possible.

Prescription Drug Abuse Rehab and Treatment Clinic accepts most public and private forms of health insurance. For those without health insurance, we work on an income-based sliding scale. Our clinic offers payment plans, so full payment is never due at the start of your program. Our goal is to make treatment accessible and affordable to all.

If you or a loved one is struggling with prescription drug addiction, please contact us right away. We are happy to provide you with any further information or schedule an appointment to establish a treatment plan for you.

Our Mission

Educate People

Our clinic has medical doctors and counselors on site every day, and around-the-clock staff to care for our patients’ every want and need during treatment.

Addiction Recovery

The team at the Prescription Drug Abuse Rehab and Treatment Clinic in Tempe, Arizona is a highly trained group of licensed professionals, hand-selected by our founder and CEO for their expertise in substance addiction.

Reach Addictives

Each person is unique, and each patient’s recovery process should be, too. At our clinic, we make every effort to design an individualized treatment program that fits the needs and schedule of each patient.

Our work

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