Our Staff

The team at the Prescription Drug Abuse Rehab and Treatment Clinic in Tempe, Arizona is a highly trained group of licensed professionals, hand-selected by our founder and CEO for their expertise in substance addiction. Our clinic has medical doctors and counselors on site every day, and around-the-clock staff to care for our patients’ every want and need during treatment.

Delores Jimenez, CEO, and Founder

Delores Jimenez is a licensed therapist who had her private practice for 20 years before opening the Prescription Drug Abuse Rehab and Treatment Clinic in Tempe, Arizona. After years of working with mental health patients and specializing in addiction, she wanted to create her treatment center that supports the best practices for rehabilitation. Jimenez holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Clinical Therapy and recently published her first novel about addiction inspired by the stories of her patients. Jimenez is not only the CEO and founder of the Prescription Drug Abuse Rehab and Treatment Clinic; she continues her counseling practice at the clinic in both individual and group sessions. Her realistic fiction novel about addiction, “Ambien Nightmares,” is available at bookstores everywhere.




Dr. Gregory Bowen, Medical Director

Dr. Gregory Bowen is a board-certified medical doctor with over 15 years of experience in substance abuse treatment and detoxification. He earned his MD from the Emory University School of Medicine. Dr. Bowen directs and oversees the medical treatment of all patients, including prescribing treatment plans. He is qualified to make diagnoses and dispense medication to ease the detox process, treat any potential coexisting diagnoses, and maintain ongoing sobriety. Dr. Bowen has presented his research on addiction at various medical conferences across the country and is currently collaborating on a textbook about the brain’s role in substance abuse disorders.

Angela Lopez, Director of Admissions

Angela Lopez is a social worker with a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work and a professional background in hospitality. She was inspired to join our team by her own struggles with addiction. Lopez is very socially and culturally aware and seeks to make patients and their families as comfortable as possible throughout the admission process and treatment. She is the point of contact for all family members or visitors and enjoys getting to know each patient.